Aptar Pharma’s Electronic Lockout Device Approved by EMA

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Aptar Pharma’s e-Lockout device is the first and only fully integrated electronic nasal drug delivery device to be approved by a US or European regulatory authority.

Courtesy of Aptar Pharma


Aptar Pharma announced the approval by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) of the first integrated electronic nasal lockout device (e-Lockout) following a multi-year development with Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG.



Aptar Pharma agreed to supply Takeda with its e-Lockout device for a multidose nasal spray version of Instanyl® used in pain management. The EMA has granted marketing authorization for this multidose nasal spray treatment under the name Instanyl DoseGuard™.


Takeda will launch Instanyl DoseGuard in Europe in several multidose strengths, using Aptar Pharma’s patented electronic lockout system. The approval represents a major milestone for Aptar Pharma, with the e-Lockout device being the first and only fully integrated electronic nasal drug-delivery device to be approved by EMA.


About Aptar Pharma


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