Cold Chain: Delivering Vaccines to Patients

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-11-15-2017, Volume 2017 ebook, Issue 2
Pages: 46-49

This article explores some of the challenges, services, and technologies that go into ensuring that vaccines are properly temperature controlled and maintain product integrity for delivery to patients.

With advancement in vaccine development comes an urgency to optimize the cold-chain delivery of these increasingly condition-sensitive biological products. This sensitivity has added new degrees of complexity to already complex supply chains and global regulations, resulting in the need for more precise approaches toward transporting vaccines. 

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Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International
eBook: Vaccine Development and Manufacturing 2017
November 2017
Pages: 46–49


When referring to this article, please cite it as A. Lowry, " Cold Chain: Delivering Vaccines to Patients," Pharmaceutical Technology and BioPharm International Vaccine Development and Manufacturing 2017 eBook (November 2017).