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Courtoy product profile

Since launching the ECM (Exchangeable Compression Module) concept in 2000, Courtoy™ has become the go-to supplier for contained tableting equipment.

The ECM is the ultimate application of the “containment at the source” principle: the section of the tablet press in contact with the product is very small and can be inserted into and extracted from the basic machine without breaching containment. The wash-off-line execution of the ECM (WOL-ECM) combines high containment with automatic off-line washing capability, making it the perfect choice for tableting facilities where highly potent APIs are processed.

Courtoy™ can integrate its MODUL™ tablet press with WOL-ECM with upstream and downstream contained equipment, sourced from specialist suppliers, ensuring the required containment level is maintained during the entire tablet production process. Tablet dedusters and metal detectors (stand-alone or combined units), as well as automatic tablet samplers are all part of Courtoy™’s HC equipment range. Split butterfly valves for contained interfacing with the customer’s powder feeding and tablet collection systems are available from Buck® to complete the scope of delivery.

The culmination of Courtoy™’s advances in high-containment tableting, a fully contained, washable MODUL™ P tableting line, will be exhibited at Interpack.



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