Lab Management Solution with Enhanced Data Privacy

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Pharmaceutical Technology's In the Lab eNewsletter

In the Lab eNewsletter, Pharmaceutical Technology\'s In the Lab eNewsletter-03-06-2019, Volume 14, Issue 3

LabVantage Solutions’ LabVantage 8.4 is the latest version of the company’s comprehensive laboratory information management system.

LabVantage Solutions’ LabVantage 8.4 is the latest version of the company’s comprehensive LIMS. The solution includes LIMS, electronic laboratory notebook, and lab execution system components. New features include enhanced capabilities for data privacy and new work planning and managing resource capacity.

Updated data privacy provisions increase protection for individual data, enabling the ability for labs to identify, hide, mask, and anonymize personal information, to respond to individual privacy requests, and to generate General Data Protection Regulation and other compliance reports. A new master data navigator function allows master data builders to enter and access all master data objects from a single screen. New items are visually marked to indicate that additional detail may be required before lab use and can be entered in the navigator.The company reports that its enhanced data file definition feature offers multiple new master data loading and validation options and improved error reporting for faster troubleshooting. A new automated issue tracking and submission allows users to log support requests directly from within their LIMS rather than having to go through the company’s support portal. Users can add supporting screenshots and attachments and send them directly to the company’s support staff. 

The solution’s new work assignment and resource planning (WAP) module allows lab managers to see current and upcoming scheduled work as well as make assignments based on the availability of individuals and user groups according to their corporate calendars and lab resources. WAP also displays the existing work assignments, work capacity, calendar availability, and the certification status of the facility’s instruments. Additionally, testing master data can be configured to identify preferred lab instruments and users so that incoming work can be quickly assigned and optimized.

Source: LabVantage