The new AGILO series

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With the small handling equipment series AGILO, Müller complements its product range by GMP compliant pallet trucks, scissor lift trucks and mini lifters. Therefore, the customer has more tools to choose to satisfy his needs "around the production process". Müller's designers know exactly what is important in the pharmaceutical industry to meet their customers' needs in detail. All units are completely made of stainless steel, hygienic and easy to clean. To facilitate the operator handling, pallet trucks and scissor lift trucks of the AGILO series are equipped with quick raising action and soft landing on floor surfaces. All units are light and maneuverable.
If you need a lifter only for modest loads, low heights or just on rare occasions, you probably know the difficulties to justify high investment costs for such a device. For this purpose, Müller created the new AGILO series in addition to its electrically powered stationary lifting columns and the MOBILO hydraulic drum lifter. All functions on the AGILO series are manual – thus the unit is independent of all energy sources, never needs to have a tank refilled or a battery charged. This makes the device lightweight, agile and cost-effective.


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