Precompetitive Research Spurs Innovation in Pharmaceutical Analysis

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-11-15-2018, Volume 2018 eBook, Issue 2
Pages: 10–13

Industry–academia collaborations seek to address unmet needs in measurement science.

Precompetitive research is increasingly being considered as a cost-effective way to find solutions to widespread problems in the bio/pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Technology spoke with Christopher Welch, PhD, director of the Indiana Consortium for Analytical Sciences and Engineering (a joint venture between Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, and Indiana University), about trends in pharmaceutical analysis and the consortium’s proposed Center for Bioanalytic Metrology, sponsored by the National Science Foundation. 

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Pharmaceutical Technology
eBook: Best Practices for Today's Bio/Pharma Laboratory 2018
Vol. 42
November 2018
Pages: 10–13


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