Talked to Your Peers Lately?

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Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-07-02-2008, Volume 32, Issue 7

Forums, blogs, and more can spark innovation.

We recently added a callout to the end of our peer-reviewed articles, but we're not sure you've seen it. The red icon asks for your input on the published paper: What would you have done differently if it had been your experiment, your process, or your equipment? We, and the authors of the research papers herein, would like your feedback.

Angie Drakulich


We welcome you to email your thoughts to us at regarding any peer-reviewed papers, or any articles for that matter, that appear in the magazine or on our website and we'll post your comments in a special online section at the end of the appropriate article. Our goal is to encourage more discussion among industry peers to promote the exchange of ideas and ultimately, innovation.

In fact, we just launched a call for nominations for the 2008 Innovations in Pharma Science Awards, which will honor achievements in the pharmaceutical sciences. Check out to nominate your company's work in one of five areas: drug delivery, formulation, dosage forms, pharmaceutical analysis, and API synthesis. The winners will be announced in the December issue.

PharmTech also has a daily blog,, where you can exchange ideas with the editors and experts by commenting on current posts, or adding your own post. What better way is there to increase your industry knowledge and advance your on-the-job skills than to talk to those people doing the same thing you're doing? So join us online and let's get talking.

Angie Drakulich is the managing editor of Pharmaceutical Technology,