Validation Changes to the USP Assay Method for Ibuprofen Tablets

March 1, 2002
Ranga Velagaleti, PhD

Ranga Velagaleti is the manager of laboratory and stability at BASF Corporation, 8800 Line Ave., Shreveport, LA 71106, tel. 318.861.8040, fax 318.861.8004,

James Ward

Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson is a laboratory chemist at BASF Corporation.

Lynn Massad

Lynn Massad is a laboratory chemist at BASF Corporation.

Philip Burns

Philip Burns is the manager of quality control at BASF Corporation.

Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology-03-02-2002, Volume 26, Issue 3

This study investigated the effectiveness of the direct extraction of tablets and shaking time on the disintegration of tablets, solubilization, and recovery of ibuprofen from tablets of various formulations, strengths, and spiked placebo.