Bio-Rad Launches Anti-Pertuzumab Antibodies

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Bio-Rad’s four new antibodies will develop highly selective and sensitive assays for bioanalysis and drug monitoring of pertuzumab and its biosimilars.

Bio-Rad Laboratories, a life science technology company, announced four new anti-pertuzumab antibodies on Jan. 31, 2022. These ready-made antibodies are designed to inhibit the binding of the drug to its goal, human epidermal development tissue 2 (HER2), which enables researchers to develop selective assays for bioanalysis and monitoring of pertuzumab and its biosimilars.

The HER2 protein is over-expressed in HER2-positive cancers, stopping cell development and proliferation. Pertuzumab and its biosimilars are designed to bind to this protein as a form of treatment for these cancers.

The new assays include monovalent form antibodies, which are appropriate for pharmacokinetic bridging enzyme-linked immunoassays. Additionally, there are human immunoglobulin G1 antibodies with various ranges of affinity, which can be used as a surrogate for constructive management.

“We’re constantly introducing new ranges of recombinant, monoclonal anti-idiotypic antibodies to assist researchers in creating strong strategies that ship reproducible and translatable outcomes,” stated Amanda Turner, Bio-Rad product supervisor, Life Science Group, in the press release.


This product is authorized for in-vitro analysis functions, as well as for industrial providers offering in-vitro testing to assist preclinical and scientific drug growth.

Source: Bio-Rad