Hovione Expands Drug Substance Manufacturing

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PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management

PTSM: Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management-10-07-2015, Volume 11, Issue 10

Hovione will double its manufacturing capacity in New Jersey with an expanded facility and a commercial spray dryer designed to handle potent APIs.

Hovione is expanding its facility in New Jersey as part of the company’s strategy to increase its global development and commercial capacity, the company announced on Sept. 29, 2015.  The expansion will add an additional 30,600 ft² (2843 m²) to the 24,000 ft² (2,211m²) facility. It will introduce a new commercial spray dryer unit to complement an existing pilot unit, and this installation will be specifically designed to handle potent drug substances (APIs). With this new equipment, Hovione will offer commercial-scale spray drying in Portugal, Ireland, and the US. In addition, the expansion will more than double the drug substance capacity at the site to support the needs of the current and future customer base.

“Expanding our manufacturing presence in the US highlights our commitment to our customers that want to manufacture their products in the US and to support the development needs of our ever expanding local customer base. The additional capacity will give us more flexibility and make us more agile to deal with our customer’s fast paced projects,” said Marco Gil, general manager, Hovione New Jersey, in a press release.

The official ground breaking should occur in the first quarter of 2016 and the doubling of capacity is expected to be fully operational in early 2017. The expansion is expected to add approximately 60 new jobs to the current workforce.


Source: Hovione